Let’s get to know each other! We can talk about hopes and dreams and aliens or I can make my butthole wink for you, whatever your little heart desires

Fill out the form below with a good date and time for a virtual rendezvous and I shall see if it will work for me too!

Be sure to add any little details about how you would like the Skype date to go..whether it be me dressed up as a hot school girl or bouncing on various sized balloons until they pop.. let your imagination run wild and I will see what I can do! )

  1. Use the space below to send me a SKYPE request. I keep a pretty hectic travel schedule but I wanna connect. If you’re patient we can def set a perfect time for both of us.
  2. When I receive your date and time request, I’ll send an email letting you know
    if it works for me. Once we lock that down you’ll get another email from me with a link (URL) to submit payment.
  3. When that is confirmed we can get the show started.

I have an assistant that screens emails before I get to read them. The Request Form always goes there first.

Skype Show Prices

  • $100 (max length 10 minutes)
  • $150 (max length 20 minutes)
  • $200 (max length 30 minutes)
  • $300 (max length 60 minutes)

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